Industry Engagement

Intravascular devices continue to fail prematurely, and patients, families and healthcare institutions are bearing the physical and economic costs associated with that failure. High quality, rigorous and clinically focussed research is absolutely needed to provide the best possible care for patients with intravascular devices.

AVATAR is committed to eliminating ineffective practices, and to replacing them with innovative solutions, thus improving patient care and saving healthcare costs. We believe that these outcomes not only benefit patients and healthcare providers but also the manufacturers of intravascular devices. Thus commercial industry partners can play an important role in improving patient care.

We work with different commercial industry partners but are affiliated with no one company. Depending on the nature of the research problem, we can engage with industry partners in a number of different ways. Our approach is flexible and tailored to the needs of each customer. Some ways in which we engaged recently include:

  • Commercial consultancy and research – scope of work is dictated by the customer and all intellectual property is owned by the customer
  • Collaborative research – scope of work is jointly dictated and we provide significant intellectual contribution to the project
  • Research grant-in-aid – scope of work is dictated by us, research outcomes are independent and not influenced by the needs of any third party

Griffith Enterprise is the commercialisation and technology transfer office of Griffith University and can help industry partners to identify and utilise the specialist expertise and research capabilities of the university, and to access its inventions and knowledge-based products and services. GE staff has commercial experience and understand the needs of customers and can provide a professional approach to doing business with AVATAR.

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