Development of the Paediatric Michigan Appropriateness Guide for Infusion Catheters (mini-MAGIC)
:Dr Amanda Ullman, Tricia Kleidon,  Darcy Doellman, Stephanie Pitts, Prof Marie Cooke, Prof Claire Rickard, Associate Professor Vineet Chopra 

Currently, no standardised decision-making process exists for the selection of vascular access devices (VADs), and other forms of infusion therapy, in paediatric patients. As a result, the uncoordinated approach to VAD decision making often leads to inappropriate devices being inserted, thus increasing the risk of patient harm and inefficient treatment outcomes.

Funded by the Association for Vascular Access (AVA) Foundation and Griffith University, this study aims to provide health care professionals with an evidence and expert based criteria for the selection of infusion catheters in paediatrics across Australia and the United States. This guide will drastically change national and international infusion device decision-making practice, to prevent harm for this vulnerable population.

Can you feel the MAGIC?


Griffith University
Australia 4111