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31 December 2017

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Antimicrobial dressings for CLABSI prevention

by Joan Webster, Emily Larsen and Nicole Marsh
NURSES and midwives play a central role in the care and maintenance of central lines. But despite all efforts, sometimes central-line associated blood stream infections (CLABSI) do occur. These infections may be devastating for patients in terms of morbidity and mortality. For example,...

1 December 2017

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PIV failure - how effective is your clinical practice?

by Nicole Marsh and Kaye Rolls
Based on an observational study of peripheral intravenous catheter outcomes in adult hospitalised patients a multivariable analysis of peripheral intravenous catheter failure, Journal of Hospital Medicine (published online October 2017). Marsh, N., Webster, J., Larsen, E., Cooke, M., Miha...

13 April 2017

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Draft genome sequence of Roseomonas mucosa strain AU37, isolated from a peripheral intravenous catheter

by Md Abu Choudhury, Alexander M. Wailan, Hanna E. Sidjabat, Li Zhang, Nicole Marsh, Claire M. Rickard, Mark R. Davies and David J. McMillan
Received 3 February 2017 Accepted 7 February 2017 Published 13 April 2017 Citation Abu Choudhury M, Wailan AM,
Sidjabat HE, Zhang L, Marsh N, Rickard CM,
Davies MR, McMillan DJ. 2017. Draft genome
sequence of Roseomonas mucosa strain AU37,
isolated from a peripheral intrave...


23 November 2015

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Replacing heparin with saline to prevent complications in long term central venous catheters in children

by Natalie K. Bradford, Rachel M. Edwards and Raymond J. Chan
Background A central venous catheter (CVC) is a long, thin, flexible tube which is inserted into a large central vein. This enables access to the blood stream for people with serious medical conditions to receive medications and fluids, as well as the collection of blood specimens. Long term ...





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