Professor Joan Webster
Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital Lead Researcher


Professor Joan Webster is the Nursing Director, Research at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital (RBWH). She is also a Professor in nursing and midwifery at Griffith University; an Adjunct Associate Professor with the University of Queensland and the Queensland University of Technology; and an Honorary Visiting Professor in the Department of Health Sciences at the University of York.

Over the past three decades her enduring research interests have been driven the lack of evidence on which to base informed decisions about effective nursing and midwifery practice. This interest underpins her involvement in clinical trials of nursing interventions and her contribution to Cochrane Reviews as an author, editor and mentor of novice reviewers.

Joan was an inaugural member of the Griffith University Intravascular Device Research Group and is an investigator on all of the group's NHMRC, device related clinical trials.

Research interests

Evidence based practice
Intravascular access
Wounds/pressure injuries
Infection control
Health Services evaluation

Current Grants 

Catheter-Line Associated Blood Stream Infection (the CLABSI trial). Funded by the RBWH Research Foundation and Griffith University $54,000.
CIs Webster J.; Rickard C.; Marsh N; Larsen E.; Choudry N. Gavin N (2015-16)

The PISCES Trial Peripherally InSerted CEntral catheter dressing and Securement. Funded by the NHMRC Project Grant Scheme for $1,198,006.
CIs: Rickard, C., Webster, J., Chan R.; Mollee P.; Playford, G., Zhang. L.; Keogh, S.; Hallahan A.; Alexandrou E. (2016-2018).

REeplacing Peripheral intraVenous CathEters (the REPLACE study). Funded by Griffith University internal grants
CIs Webster J.; Rickard C.; Marsh N; Larsen E.; Choudhury N

ADding negative pRESSure to improve healING (the DRESSING trial. Funded by the NHMRC Project Grant Scheme for $2,285,351.30.
CIs Gillespie B, Chaboyer W, Webster J, Elwood D, Whitty J, Thalib L, & Cullum N.

NHMRC Project Grant Scheme: INTroducing A Care bundle To prevent pressure injury (the INTACT trial). Funded by: NHMRC Project Grant A$1.1M.
CIs Chaboyer,   W., Bucknall, T. Webster, J., McInnes, E., Banks, M., Wallis, M , Gillespie, B., Whitty, J. Thalib, L., Cullum, N. (2013 15)

The SAVE Trial: Securing All intraVenous devices Effectively in hospitals. A randomised controlled trial. Funded by the NHMRC Project Grant Scheme for $944,798.21.
CIs: Rickard, C., Fraser, J., Webster, J., Marshall, A., Young, J., Playford, G., McMillan, D., McGrail, M., Gowardman, J., Thom. O.
AIs: Reynolds, H., Whitty, J., Crilly, J., Dunster, K., Marsh, N., Keogh, S., Zhang. L. (2013-2016).

Intravascular Device administration sets: Replacement after standard versus prolonged use (RSVP Trial). APP1008428 2011-2014. $1,555,305.30.
Rickard C, Webster J, Chaboyer W, Young J, Gowardman J, Whitby M, Fraser J, McMillan D, Zhang L

Centre of Research Excellence in Nursing Interventions for Hospitalised Patients. Centres of Research Excellence Scheme. APP 1000888 2010-2014. $2,500,000.00. National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).
Chaboyer W, Rickard C, Aitken L, Wallis M, Webster J, Thalib L, Scuffham P, Doran D, Cullum N.


Griffith University
Australia 4111