Therapy and Devices

"It's just a plastic tube that helps deliver medicine directly into your bloodstream, right? What's so special about that?"

It's not quite that simple. In fact, current intravascular (IV) devices incorporate technology developed to help humans travel to outer space. When IV devices work well they can deliver therapies that save lives, but when things go seriously wrong the death of our most vulnerable patients can be the outcome. 

Have you ever watched your child, friend or elderly parent suffer through repeated needle stabs, or fever and pain as a result of IV related complications? Unfortunately, many of us have.

The nurses, doctors and scientists of the AVATAR Group undertake research into how to improve IV technology and how to use IV devices safely and cost effectively. We explore ways to deliver treatments more efficiently, with better outcomes and less pain and suffering for patients. We work with health service partners and the IV device development industry to innovate and improve practice.

New catheter technologies related to all types of central, peripheral and haemodialysis catheters and all the equipment used to connect catheters to drug delivery and monitoring systems are continually being developed. Our research strives to improve the ease and accuracy of insertion, reducing risk of injury to patients and the health professionals who insert them, reducing post-insertion device complications and failure.



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