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A vascular access minimum dataset

Posted by Jess Schults on 10 February 2021
A vascular access minimum dataset

Check out our recent work to develop international recommendations for VA data capture

..including standardized catheter definitions and a top 10 list for when you can't collect all the data you'd like.

Quality data to monitor VA safety is rarely available at the hospital level. This makes it hard to benchmark practices within your hospital, nationally and with your international neighbors.

"Perhaps the "problem" is that the current quality indicators for vascular access, are primarily limited to CLABSI and phlebitis".

Measuring vascular access care quality through comparative healthcare data collection, analysis and feedback is one way healthcare quality measurement has evolved in recent decades.In 2019 convened a panel of international vascular access experts to develop a vascular access minimum dataset that can be used to collect standardised vascular access data.

This dataset and associated resources including standardised catheter definitions and a top 10 priority list is available to you free of charge and we are happy to work with you to adapt it to suit your healthcare context.

Available at > https://qualitysafety.bmj.com/content/early/2020/09/25/bmjqs-2020-011274


Jess SchultsAuthor:Jess Schults
About: Jessica Schults is a Research Fellow in Brisbane with Griffith University and Queensland Children’s Hospital. She researches how to get vascular access data when its ‘too hard to get’ and is fascinated by the lungs. In between she wrangles two little humans and lives off a combination of tea, peanut butter and yoga. In recognition of the growing need to connect the wider vascular access community we want to create a social media platform that extrapolates our (your) clinical wisdom and research into ‘bite size’ pieces of information for our brain. Feel free to send us ideas or contributions to j.schults@griffith.edu.au. We are learning and excited to deliver videos, micro-articles and webinars in the coming weeks and months. Wherever you are let’s stay connected and do as the Italian’s do and dance on the balconies. Look yourselves and one another.
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