Alliance for Vascular Access Teaching And Research

I-DECIDED: a clinical decision-making tool for improving peripheral intravenous catheter assessment and safe removal in hospitals (I-DECIDED Study)

Up to 70% of acute care hospital patients need a peripheral intravenous catheter (PIVC) for fluids or medicines during admission. However, 30-50% of PIVCs have painful complications or stop working before treatment is finished, requiring the insertion of a new device. There are numerous reasons for PIVC failure, some of which may be preventable with appropriate intervention. Improved assessment could help prevention and early detection of complications, but no comprehensive and validated IV assessment tool exists (Ray-Barruel et al, 2014).

The I-DECIDED tool has been created to improve assessment and care of IV devices and to prompt appropriate device removal in hospital patients.

I-DECIDED is unique because it is an evidence-based education, assessment, and audit tool that encourages patient participation. A structured and comprehensive approach to IV assessment and care promotes early detection of complications, and prompt removal of IV catheters when no longer needed. This will reduce unnecessary pain and suffering for patients, decrease the risk of potentially deadly bloodstream infection, and reduce treatment delays and hospital costs. This will benefit millions of patients annually, and promote a globally consistent practice tool.

This interrupted time-series study will evaluate the effect of introducing this tool into clinical practice in 3 hospitals.

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