Our Team

AVATAR was established in 2007, and now consists of more than 100 nurses, doctors and other researchers from a range of health specialties who are all passionate about preventing vascular access complications. Numerous hospitals and universities are involved in the group's research work.

Our administrative base is the Menzies Health Institute Queensland at Griffith University, Australia.  AVATAR is active globally and has significant influence on hospital and home based care for adult and paediatric patients. Our research shapes healthcare and infection prevention guidelines globally.



Prof Adrian Esterman
Anna Dean
  A/Prof Andrew Hallahan
Barbara Hewer
  Catherine Miller
Chelsea Gosden
Christine Woods
Dr Cindy Jones
Colleen Pitts
Prof David Paterson  
  Eugene Slaughter
Gabor Mihala 
Gavin Jackson
  Dr Gerben Keijzers
  Dr Haitham Tuffaha
Joanne Wright
  Kim Gibson
Dr Joshua Byrnes
Laura Alberto
Dr Linda Coventry 
A/Prof Louise Cullen
  Dr Mandy Towell
  Mari Takashima


  Prof Marilyn Cruickshank
Marlena Kussrow 
Matthew Mason
Dr Matthew McGrail
Dr Matthew Zunk
Dr Naomi Runnegar
Nicholas Mifflin
Nicole Gavin
Dr Nicole Marsh
Prof Paul Scuffham
Paula Cattanach
A/Prof Peter Mollee
Rebecca Doyle
Dr Rebecca Sharp
Rita Nemeth
Prof Robert Ware
Sarah Northfield
Dr Simon Bugden
Dr Steven Frost
Tara Williams
Tracey Vidler
Vanno Sou



Griffith University
Australia 4111