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Accidental Dislodgement of IV Catheter or Tubing Survey

Posted by Nancy Moureau on 20 June 2017

This is a research project to gain knowledge and understanding of accidental intravenous (IV) catheter or tubing dislodgement, the frequency, the perception of safety and level of risk to the patient.

To lay the foundation for this research, we are surveying clinicians to identify current practice and perceptions. This survey is designed to assess opinions of practicing clinicians, all others will be excluded. Your participation in this validated survey will take approximately 5 minutes with 15 questions.

Access the survey here

Your access to the survey is confidential, and answers to your survey questions maintained in an anonymous pooled database. The results of the survey will be used to help understand accidental dislodgement, the types of IV catheters and events that cause dislodgement.

Your participation in this effort is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the survey.

Author:Nancy Moureau
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