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AVATAR April Newsletter

Posted on 11 May 2023

We are pleased to share the April edition of AVATAR's newsletter, which highlights some of our recent events and achievements.

One of the highlights was the 50th Anniversary Infusion Nurses Society (INS) Annual Meeting, where several members of AVATAR had the opportunity to showcase their excellent work, including Professors Nicole Marsh, Amanda Ullman, and Andrew Bulmer, among others. The event was a great success and marked a significant milestone for the INS.

We're also excited to share the latest achievements of our members, including the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) Clinician Researcher Grant awarded to Professor Amanda Ullman and her team for their project, "Building capacity to prevent healthcare harm for hospitalized infants: A Type 1 Hybrid Randomized Controlled Trial." This project received a grant of approximately $1.49 million and aims to evaluate a new technology to reduce pediatric healthcare-associated harm.

In addition, the MRFF Clinical Trials Activity Grant Opportunity has awarded a significant grant of $2.89 million to Professor Dianne Egerton-Warburton at Monash University for her groundbreaking project, "Just Say No to the Just in Case Cannula: An Implementation Science Trial with Roadmap for National Roll Out." This project aims to challenge the traditional practice of inserting a cannula "just in case" in emergency department patients, which can lead to unnecessary harm, waste, and increased healthcare costs.

We're also proud to share that the AVATAR XLabS group recently hosted Dr. YongJi Fu, Vice President of Research and Development at BBraun, where they presented several recent works, including the assessment of PICC material biocompatibility, measurement of blood clot viscoelastic properties, and an overview of their Investigator Initiated catheter tip micro-MOTION trial.

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