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AVATAR November 2023 Highlights: Connecting, Collaborating, and Advancing Vascular Access Knowledge!

Posted on 29 November 2023


Greetings AVATARians! It's time to catch up on the exciting events and progress within our AVATAR community. Here's a quick roundup of the November 2023 newsletter:

1. 2023 AVA Conference, Portland, Oregon 

AVATAR made a significant presence at the Association for Vascular Access Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon. Engaging discussions, insightful presentations, and valuable connections – the conference was a hub for advancing vascular access knowledge. A special shoutout to 3M for their generous support in enabling us to attend this year!

Our team delivered an array of presentations covering diverse topics, such as uncovering the role of PICC materials, understanding new PICC materials' benefits, and exploring PIVC practice in emergency departments. These sessions not only showcased our commitment but also fostered collaboration among professionals in the field.

2. International Collaborations: University of Colorado Visit 

After the AVA Conference, several of the team, including Prof Claire Rickard, Prof Andrew Bulmer, Dr Gillian Ray-Barruel, Dr Jess Schults, Dr Rhys Pritchard, and Ms Daner Ball, visited Dr Vineet Chopra and colleagues at the University of Colorado. Exciting discussions about potential research collaborations and projects unfolded. Stay tuned for more updates!

3. INS Malaysia Conference and Collaborations 

AVATARians from the Nursing Midwifery Research Centre had a bustling quarter! Prof Nicole Marsh presented at the Infusion Nurses Society Malaysia Conference, with Dr. Amanda Corley joining to discuss various aspects of intravenous access. Enthusiastic connections with Malaysian colleagues and potential collaborations added to the excitement.

4. Griffith University & B. Braun Malaysia Collaboration 

In September, Griffith University and B. Braun Malaysia forged a Memorandum of Understanding, setting the stage for a multi-pronged collaborative relationship. This collaboration aims to improve device performance, reduce complications, and enhance clinical practices globally.

5. ACIPC Conference, Adelaide

AVATAR partnered with the Australian Vascular Access Society to deliver two in-depth vascular access workshops at the Australasian College of Infection Prevention & Control (ACIPC) Conference. The workshops, organised by Dr. Gillian Ray-Barruel, garnered excellent attendance and lively discussions. Thanks to 3M and the ACIPC conference committee for supporting these workshops.

6. AVAS/CNS IV Symposium and Knowledge Exchange

The Australian Vascular Access Society, in collaboration with the Cancer Nurses Society of Australia, hosted a full-day IV symposium. With lectures from industry experts, the symposium attracted participants ranging from nursing students to vascular access teams.

7. VIPCA Feasibility Trial Nearing Completion 

The Vasopressor Infusion Administered via Peripheral Cannula versus Central Venous Catheter (VIPCA) trial, led by Dr. Mahesh Ramanan, is progressing well. The feasibility study aims to inform the design of a larger Phase-3 trial comparing routes of vasopressor delivery.

8. Congratulations to the Clinical Research Fellows

Applause for Dr. Jessica Schults and Dr. Karen Davies from Metro North Health and the University of Queensland! Both will be funded for the next three years as Queensland Health Clinical Research Fellows. Their projects focus on strengthening infection surveillance and implementing the Medication Administration Evaluation and Feedback Tool.

9. Metro North Research Excellence Awards

The Metro North Research Excellence Awards saw strong representation from NMRC and AVATAR. The IV Passport study was a finalist, and Prof. Nicole Marsh received the Professor Joan Webster Nursing and Midwifery Award. Exciting recognition for our dedicated researchers!

10. AVATAR Welcomes International Visitors

Thiago Lopes Silva from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil, and Hideto Yasuda from Japan joined the AVATAR team. Their research areas in patient safety, vascular access, and infection prevention added valuable perspectives to our collaborative efforts.

11. Upcoming Events and Initiatives 

As we wrap up an eventful quarter, stay tuned for upcoming webinars, workshops, and collaborative initiatives. AVATAR is committed to advancing vascular access knowledge, and your involvement is integral to our mission of Making vascular access complications history!

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Stay connected, stay curious, and let's keep advancing vascular access knowledge!



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