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AVATAR SA Forum 23rd February 2016

Posted on 1 March 2016

Alliance for Vascular Access Teaching and Research (AVATAR)
SA Forum
23rd February 2016

The South Australian branch of AVATAR were excited to hold the inaugural vascular access forum recently at the University of South Australia - hosted by Dr Rebecca Sharp and Prof Adrian Esterman.
The President of AVAS A/Prof Sam Keogh provided an overview of AVATAR/AVAS and a snapshot of PIVC research. Dr Rebecca Sharp presented results from a project that examined the catheter to vein ratio and risk of VTE in patients with a PICC.   

Left to right: A/Prof Sam Keogh (AVATAR/AVAS) and Bronwyn Aberline (SonoSite)

Clinicians interested in vascular access from a wide range of areas including paediatric dialysis, ICU, PICU, Radiology, Cystic fibrosis, Respiratory/home oxygen and home care pharmacy services attended. Along with several researchers from UniSA and industry representatives.
It was a great opportunity for clinicians, researchers and industry to come together to discuss vascular access research and the use of research findings in clinical practice. The evening concluded with group work to determine the hot topics in vascular access clinical practice and research - with lively discussion about challenges associated with vascular access. Then we had some fabulous SA wines!

 Left to right: Doris Nash (Women's and Children's Hospital), Sue Sando (Bard) and Catherine Fawcett (UniSA)

Two group members were so inspired by the forum that they will be starting research projects at their hospitals US guided ABGs for home oxygen patient assessment and the use of the catheter to vein ratio in patients with a CVC in ICU. We have started planning for the next forum based on feedback received we will include sessions about critiquing the evidence to inform clinical guidelines and research methods.
We would like to acknowledge the sponsors, Rose Powell (Cook medical), Ray Main (Teleflex Medical), Sue Sando (Bard), Mike Florey (FloMedical) and Bronwyn Aberline (SonoSite).



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