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Exploring Skin Complications in Adult Cancer Patients with Central Venous Access Devices

Posted on 31 May 2024


Central venous access devices (CVADs) are vital for delivering treatment to adult cancer patients. However, concerns about CVAD-associated skin complications have prompted a closer examination of this issue.


The study aimed to identify the prevalence and types of CVAD-associated skin complications, describe CVAD management practices, and pinpoint clinical and demographic characteristics associated with the risk of these complications.


A prospective cohort study involving 369 patients with 626 CVADs was conducted between March 2017 and March 2018 across two cancer care units in a large teaching hospital.


27% of participants experienced CVAD-associated skin complications. Risk factors identified included cutaneous graft versus host disease and female sex, while the use of totally implanted vascular access devices significantly reduced the risk.


CVAD-associated skin complications are significant and potentially avoidable injuries, necessitating awareness among cancer nurses and the adoption of evidence-based preventive and treatment strategies.

Implications for Practice

Improvements in skin assessment, standardization of CVAD dressing practices, and enhanced clinician knowledge can reduce the prevalence of skin complications and enhance patient safety.

Read More: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/38622044/ 
Authors: Nicole C Gavin, Sarah Northfield, Gabor Mihala, Margarette Somerville, Tricia Kleidon, Nicole Marsh, Emily Larsen, Jill Campbell, Claire M Rickard, Amanda J Ullman 


Griffith University
Australia 4111