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Mark your calendars! Vascular Access Editorial

Posted by Gillian Ray-Barruel on 30 October 2018

Mark your calendars!

Welcome to the October issue of Vascular Access!

As I write this, I'm getting ready to head off to the Association of Vascular Access Annual Scientific Meeting in Columbus Ohio to present the preliminary results of my postdoctoral research, an interrupted time-series evaluation of an IV assessment and decision tool called I-DECIDED. (More to come on that!)

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Author: Gillian Ray-Barruel
About: Dr Gillian Ray-Barruel is a leading nursing and ICU researcher who coordinated the OMG Study which recruited more than 40,000 patients with PIVCs globally. Dr Ray-Barruel is fully funded on a highly competitive Griffith University post-doctoral fellowship to improve assessment and action by bedside clinicians regarding prevention of PIVC complications.
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