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Nursing Care of Critically Ill Patients with a Central Venous Catheter

Posted by Gillian Ray-Barruel on 29 April 2020
In this time of COVID-19, many nurses are upskilling to take care of critically ill patients. AVATAR recently collaborated with Continulus to create the following lecture

In this session, Dr Gillian Ray-Barruel covers the following objectives:

1. Review possible complications during and following CVC insertion

2. Discuss principles of nursing management post-insertion:

  • Flushing
  • Safe blood sampling
  • Medication and fluid administration
  • Dressing changes

3. Describe the procedure for safe CVC removal.

Continulus is a video-learning platform that makes world expert medical and nursing education accessible, affordable and convenient, in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible format.

We subsidise access in middle-income countries, and provide free access in low-income countries, plus we donate time, money and resources to healthcare projects in poorly resourced areas.

We've been running a fortnightly lecture series in Critical Care Nursing since May 2019 with speakers such as Kathleen Vollman, Leanne Aitken, Andrea Marshall, Stijn Blot and many more.

And we launched a Critical Care Medicine lecture series in February 2020 (Rinaldo Bellomo, Simon Finfer, Phil Dellinger and many others).

We provide one year's free access to members of the Australian College of Critical-Care Nursing (ACCCN). And for everyone else, there are some free resources which are helpful for the current pandemic:

Everything is CPD accredited, with certificates stored in the user's account profile. For that reason, we ask users to register on the platform. You can do so here: www.continulus.com/ccn

We are also able to support organisations to create and deliver their own content so please get in touch if this is something that would interest your organisation.

Any questions, or if I can help in any other way, please ask.

Dr Eoghan Colgan
Founder and CEO
Email: eoghan@continulus.com

Gillian Ray-BarruelAuthor:Gillian Ray-Barruel
About: Dr Gillian Ray-Barruel is a leading nurse researcher who coordinated the OMG Study which recruited more than 40,000 patients with PIVCs globally. Dr Ray-Barruel holds a joint appointment as a Senior Research Fellow at QEII Jubilee Hospital and Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. She has extensive experience in vascular access devices research, critical care nursing, patient assessment, and project management. Dr Ray-Barruel is dedicated to improving assessment and decision-making by bedside clinicians to prevent patient complications and improve healthcare outcomes.
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