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PIV failure - how effective is your clinical practice?

Posted by Nicole Marsh and Kaye Rolls on 1 December 2017

Based on an observational study of peripheral intravenous catheter outcomes in adult hospitalised patients a multivariable analysis of peripheral intravenous catheter failure, Journal of Hospital Medicine (published online October 2017).

Marsh, N., Webster, J., Larsen, E., Cooke, M., Mihala, G. & Rickard C.M.

Nurses can expect to care for patients with a peripheral intravenous catheter (PIV) on a daily basis.

Of significant concern however is that up to 69% of PIV may fail before therapy is complete, exposing patients to unacceptable risks.

Read more: http://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/wh1.thewebconsole.com/wh/4798/images/NCREN-PIV-failure-Summer-2017.pdf

Author:Nicole Marsh and Kaye Rolls


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