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State of the Art Seminar- videos from the day

Posted by Rita Nemeth on 22 June 2017
State of the Art Seminar- videos from the day
State of the Art Seminar videos from the day

On March 6  around 100 dedicated clinicians attended the inaugural AVATAR State of the Art in Vascular Access Management seminar, held at Rydges Parramatta.  A key aim of the seminar was to present both the evidence and the art of vascular access care in relation to peripheral intravenous catheters (PIVCs); central venous access devices (CVADs) and paediatric vascular access. Attendees were a mixed bunch with vascular access clinicians being the largest group (32%), followed by critical care (18%), inpatient services (11%), cancer services (10%) and infection prevention (9%), with the balance made up of several other speciality groups.

The videos from this seminar are now available: 

Video 1: Prof Claire Rickard presents an overview of the AVATAR group's research focus and interests and Prof Marie Cooke provides an brief snapshot on Hierarchies of Research Evidence.

Video 2: Dr Evan Alexandrou and Prof Claire Rickard outline the State of the Art in relation to peripheral intravascular catheters (PIVCs) with Evan detailing "Right patient, right catheter" principles and Claire presenting the issues and evidence around post-insertion care.

Video 3: In this video, Dr Evan Alexandro and Kerrie Curtis present the evidence and gaps in strong evidence in relation to central lines.

Video 4: Dr Amanda Ullman and Tricia Kleidon summarise the evidence around insertion and post-insertion care in relation to paediatric vascular access.

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