What's the most effective way to disinfect a needleless connector?

Moureau and Flynn (2015) published a systematic review related to disinfection of needleless connectors (NC). The review yielded a large number of studies with 67 papers and 34 abstracts meeting requirements for inclusion and grading. The studies and abstracts were grouped for NC disinfection practices prior to access, the impact of hub contamination on infection, and measures of education and compliance that promote aseptic access. Results of this study indicated a lack of compliance with disinfection of access sites despite educational initiatives and improved disinfecting agents. Use of passive disinfection caps resulted in the greatest effectiveness when more than 80% compliance was achieved with the products.



Moureau NL, Flynn J. Disinfection of needleless connector hubs: Clinical Evidence Systematic Review. Nursing Research and Practice, 2015. DOI:10.1155/2015/796762. 


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