Tricia Kleidon

B Health Science (Nursing), Grad. Cert. Paediatrics, M Nursing Science

Tricia Kleidon is a nurse practitioner (NP) in paediatric vascular access, research fellow with Griffith University and the paediatric chapter lead for AVATAR.  Tricia has experience in both insertion and maintenance of vascular access devices and has a passion for vessel preservation.  Tricia's main clinical goal is to ensure the right device is inserted the first time, by the right practitioner via the right vessel and is sufficient to complete treatment.  Her research interests include maintaining vessel patency, ensuring evidenced based practice through insertion and maintenance bundles and reducing device failure through minimising complications relating to accidental dislodgement, fracture, occlusion, thrombosis and infection which often necessitate device removal and subsequent replacement.  Additionally Tricia is the Secretary of the Australian Vascular Access Society (AVAS) and nursing lead for the AVAS scientific meeting.

Contact for AVATAR paediatrics, Lady Cilento Children's Hospital research.



Griffith University
Australia 4111