25 November 2020
Confessions from a PhD student, what I wish I knew when I started
How do you make it through one of the most intense degrees of your life whilst juggling family, friends and work? For me it was sheer stubbornness, but we asked some trusted colleagues who have recently completed their higher degree research training or are in the midst of completing.   Reflections from Grace, Nancy and Evan   For you, Take time out to do other hobbies and completely forget about your project even for a day a week Help family understand there will b...
12 October 2020
19 things I wish my research student knew
Thinking of undertaking research studies, we asked 3 experienced supervisors what they wish their students knew: By Dr Gillian Ray-Barruel:  A PhD is about the learning process, not just the finished product. Be an active student member of your university community. Networking is invaluable for your career and you'll make some interesting new friends. Go to all the free HDR student education sessions offered by your university. You may/may not learn something useful a...


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