Associate Professor Amanda Ullman
RN PhD Centaur Fellow


Amanda is a a Paediatric Nurse, and Associate Professor at the School of Nursing and Midwifery, and Menzies Health Institute Queensland. She is also the Paediatric and Neonates Director and Industry Liaison for AVATAR. Currently supported by a National Health and Medical Research (NHMRC) Fellowship and project grant, her research focuses on the prevention of complications associated with paediatric hospital admissions, especially those related to central venous access devices. This includes leading projects such as the:

Development of the Paediatric Michigan Appropriateness Guide for Infusion Catheters (mini-MAGIC)

Innovation to improve the experience and outcomes of central venous access devices in paediatrics and cancer care: the e-Vascular Access Passport

Peripherally inserted central catheter Innovation to reduCe Infections and Clots (the PICNIC trial)

Prevention of Occlusion of cEnTral lInes for Children with cancer: the POETIC project

NeOnatal Vascular Access (NOVA) study: an observational audit of neonatal vascular access complications

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Griffith University
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