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What's best practice to maintain cannula patency?

Posted by Gillian Ray-Barruel on 27 October 2020

Have you ever wondered what's best practice for maintaining IV patency?

This video reveals the science behind the practice.

We've updated our FAQ to help you deliver the best care when your patient needs to keep the vein open (kvo) via slow continuous infusion or intermittent flushing.

To find out more about slow continous infusion (kvo), click here.

To find out more about intermittent flushing, click here.


Gillian Ray-BarruelAuthor:Gillian Ray-Barruel
About: Dr Gillian Ray-Barruel is a leading nurse researcher who coordinated the OMG Study which recruited more than 40,000 patients with PIVCs globally. Dr Ray-Barruel holds a joint appointment as a Senior Research Fellow at QEII Jubilee Hospital and Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. She has extensive experience in vascular access devices research, critical care nursing, patient assessment, and project management. Dr Ray-Barruel is dedicated to improving assessment and decision-making by bedside clinicians to prevent patient complications and improve healthcare outcomes.
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